contemporary/modern / stick framed / traditional

Create a home that blends the traditional elements of Mediterranean design with contemporary tastes and materials, creating a transitional home. Develop different pods for the family to relax and work, as well as provide a locus to come together. Integrate the outdoor into the home itself.


We chose to give the family a place to focus their own activities, whether it be work or play, as well as their common family interests. Lighting is brought into the interior of the home with the upper clerestory windows, and the outdoor living area opens up to the living room, blurring the lines between the two. Stucco, stone and timbers are used to bring out the old-world aesthetic, but the surfaces have been broken up to add more to the contemporary aesthetic of the clients.


This home is fun to live in, as well as to work in. An exercise room, home office, play room, and private balcony all allow the family to have their own space. The open living/kitchen/dining/outdoor living are tailor made for entertaining. A tree house at the rear allows the kids to be kids. Privacy is valued, but shared family experiences are what is cultivated.
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